Sports Toto Fans, go find the best prizes

'Sports Toto fans, please do not forget to pay a hit.

According to the National Athletic Promotion Act, when the winning prize money or the sale paid to a hit person who correctly matches the result of a sport tto game, such as soccer Toto, baseball Toto, basketball Toto, volleyball Toto, golf Toto, If they do not come within one year of their statute of limitations, they will all be attributed to the National Sports Promotion Fund.

This amount will be used as a fund for promotion of the National Sports Promotion upon the completion of the prescription, and the funds will be used according to the original purpose of the Sports Promotion Fund, such as the Olympic memorial business, school sports support project, support for youth and the underprivileged sports support, do.

In particular, in the case of Golf Toto games, there may be a case where a designated player is absent and the situation of the competition is adjusted due to the local weather conditions and the schedule of the competition. At this time, the meeting is canceled and a refund is made. Soccer can be changed according to the status of the stadium, whether or not the match is held due to disciplinary action of the target team. Even in such a situation, cancellation of sale is carried out.

When the sale is canceled, you can bring the purchased receipt and visit the store to get the full amount back. In addition, the amount of 100 times or more of the participation amount can be refunded to IBK IBK. However, if you lose your receipt due to carelessness or do not know that it has been canceled, you will not be able to get a refund.

A Sports Toto official said, "There are many times when I can not find the winning prize due to my carelessness, such as losing the receipt, but sometimes I do not even know that I was hit." Even if you have not paid a refund yet, I hope you will visit before the prescription ends. "