Gambling site live site operation Former casino dealer room type

A former dealer who operated an illegal gambling site that broadcasts the situation of domestic and foreign gambling sites live on the Internet, was sentenced to prison sentence.

About two years ago, Kang (41) made plans to create illegal gambling sites in order to make money easily, according to the Seoul Eastern District Court on the 17th. Gambling site is broadcast live in and out of the country, and it is bet that it betts to members, and it calculates it with the dividend rate determined according to victory and defeat.

He was a casino dealer in Jeju Island and opened a website and recruited members as well.

However, I had difficulty in operating the gambling site alone, and I approached my aunt friend Lee (41) and Jomo (35) who was a famous hotel casino dealer in Seoul.

Mr. Kang introduced his plans to Lee and Cho and asked him to take charge of the gambling account and transfer the gambling money to the gambling cyber money, . Those who had no other jobs at the time accepted Kang's proposal and were hired as employees.

Kang also needed a middle manager (distributor) who helped him recruit and manage members and received 30 ~ 40% of the money lost by members as a profit.

This role was entrusted to another aunt (59) who had gambled together at Gangwon Jungsun Casino. Kang handed him his membership information.

Thus, from December 2014 to the end of April last year, a bachelor gambling site with a server in the Philippines was created and operated by an officetel in Vietnam.

Kang has also run a baccarat gambling site for 200 million won, which is a server in the Philippines, in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, and Paldal-gu, Gyeonggi-do, Suwon, for a month since last November.

The gambling site operated by them reached 5 billion won.

Kang also operated an illegal sports tote site in Cambodia and Vietnam, but it fell short of expectations in nine months after its operating profit fell short of expectations.

As a result, he was found guilty of the gambling trial and committing the crime during the probation period.

Judge Jeon Jae-hyeok of the Seoul District Court for the Eastern District of District 2 ordered one year and two months in prison for Kang, who was indicted on charges of opening a gambling space, and ordering 28.27 million won.

The former judge said, "Kang started a similar crime again at the time of his trial, and his business scale is very large, and he needs a severe punishment for his involvement in an accomplice." He also said, "I am deeply disturbed by the murder of my wife and daughter, I invited them to come to the organization and confess. "

Lee, who was indicted on the same charges, sentenced Lee to two years of probation for one year in jail and ordered a total of 4.98 million won.

In addition, Cho and his old friend, Lee, each sentenced to 10 years in prison and 2 years in probation and ordered 40 hours of community service.